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Welcome to the Chadron State College policies website. All officially approved CSC policies and Nebraska State College System policies will be listed on this website, as well as the academic catalogs, all handbooks, and links to NSCS negotiated agreements. Any copies (print or online) of policies that are inconsistent with the official version hosted on this site should be disregarded. The most current version of a policy, catalog, and handbook will be found on this site.

Academic and Professional Organizations (NSCS Board Policy 4050)
Academic Calendar (NSCS Board Policy 4001)
Academic Degrees and Programs (NSCS Board Policy 4140)
Academic Programs (NSCS Board Policy 4200)
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (NSCS Board Policy 3700)
Acquisition of Real Property (NSCS Board Policy 8002)
Adjunct Faculty (NSCS Board Policy 5015)
Airplane Travel (NSCS Board Policy 6102)
Alcohol Use (NSCS Board Policy 8035)
Ancillary Organizations (NSCS Board Policy 5501)
Annual Audits (NSCS Board Policy 6800)
Annual Budgets (NSCS Board Policy 9008)
Anti-Harassment / Discrimination (NSCS Board Policy 5007)
Application of Board Policies (NSCS Board Policy 2006)
Assessment Policy and Procedures (NSCS Board Policy 4220)
Athletics Programs (NSCS Board Policy 3710)
Athletics; Disclosure of Interpersonal Violence, Sexual Violence, and Other Acts of Violence (NSCS Board Policy 3740)
Athletics; Name, Image and Likeness Activities (NSCS Board Policy 3730)
Audits (NSCS Board Policy 9700)
Authorized Degrees (NSCS Board Policy 4150)
Auxiliary Revenue System (NSCS Board Policy 9000)
Auxiliary Surplus Funds (NSCS Board Policy 9100)
Auxiliary System Insurance (NSCS Board Policy 9003)
Auxiliary System Maintenance (NSCS Board Policy 9101)
Auxiliary System Rates (NSCS Board Policy 9200)
Background Checks; Employees (NSCS Board Policy 5040)
Bid Protests (NSCS Board Policy 6403)
Board Councils (NSCS Board Policy 2020)
Board of Trustees Authority (NSCS Board Policy 2000)
Board of Trustees Corporate Seal (NSCS Board Policy 2075)
Bond Support (NSCS Board Policy 9009)
Budgets (NSCS Board Policy 6200)
By-Laws for NSCS Board
Campus Access and Security (NSCS Board Policy 8040)
Capital Construction, Facility Maintenance and Repair Contracts, and Fixed Equipment Acquisitions (NSCS Board Policy 8064)
Capital Construction; Budget Requests; Planning, Design, and Construction Documents (NSCS Board Policy 8060)
Capital Construction; Contracts; Design Build; Construction Management At Risk (NSCS Board Policy 8071)
Capital Construction; Gifts and Bequests for Facilities (NSCS Board Policy 8070)
Capital Construction; Inspections; Substantial Completion; Final Completion (NSCS Board Policy 8069)
Cash Funds (NSCS Board Policy 6700)
Categories of Personnel (NSCS Board Policy 5010)
Cell Phones and Stipends (NSCS Board Policy 5031)
Chancellor (NSCS Board Policy 5100)
Chancellor / Presidential Associate Appointment (NSCS Board Policy 5024)
Chosen Name and Gender Identity (NSCS Board Policy 3660)
Chosen Name and Gender Identity (NSCS Board Policy 5012)
Collective Bargaining (NSCS Board Policy 5700)
College Councils (NSCS Board Policy 2030)
College Facility Master Plans (NSCS Board Policy 8016)
College Presidents (NSCS Board Policy 5101)
Conflict of Interest (NSCS Board Policy 5002)
Consensual Relationships (NSCS Board Policy 5019)
Contracts and Agreements for Services (NSCS Board Policy 6401)
Cornerstones and Plaques (NSCS Board Policy 8021)
Credit Hour Definition and Assignment (NSCS Board Policy 4141)
Debt Service Coverage Ratio (NSCS Board Policy 9005)
Delegation of Authority to Make Certain Appointments (NSCS Board Policy 5021)
Delinquent Accounts and Write-Offs (NSCS Board Policy 6303)
Depositories (NSCS Board Policy 6006)
Design and Delivery of Distance Education Courses (NSCS Board Policy 4730)
Distinguished Service Awards (NSCS Board Policy 4500)
Drug-Free Workplace; Standards of Conduct (NSCS Board Policy 5006)
Due Process (NSCS Board Policy 3200)
Emeritus Status (NSCS Board Policy 5017)
Eminent Domain (NSCS Board Policy 8001)
Employee Appointments and Nonrenewal Notice Requirements (NSCS Board Policy 5014)
Employee Injuries, Leave and Workers' Compensation (NSCS Board Policy 5502)
Employment of Non-U.S. Citizens (NSCS Board Policy 5001)
Equal Educational Opportunity (NSCS Board Policy 2700)
Equal Employment Opportunity (NSCS Board Policy 5000)
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (NSCS Board Policy 3675)
Facilities; Access, Physical Disability (NSCS Board Policy 8032)
Facilities; Energy Conservation (NSCS Board Policy 8031)
Facilities; Environment and Safety Precautions, Fire and Safety Inspection Reports (NSCS Board Policy 8033)
Facilities; Inventory (NSCS Board Policy 8015)
Facilities; Maintenance, Deferred Repair, Preventive Maintenance (NSCS Board Policy 8030)
Facilities; Planning for Technology (NSCS Board Policy 8036)
Faculty Academic Freedom (NSCS Board Policy 4650)
Faculty Academic Responsibility (NSCS Board Policy 4651)
Faculty Exchange Agreements (NSCS Board Policy 4610)
Farmland Endowment Trust (NSCS Board Policy 6707)
Federal Personal Information Security Programs (NSCS Board Policy 7004)
Financial Exigency (NSCS Board Policy 6012)
Food Service Operations (NSCS Board Policy 9300)
Food Service; Contracts; Students (NSCS Board Policy 9016)
Foundations (NSCS Board Policy 6900)
Gifts and Bequests (NSCS Board Policy 6705)
Graduate Admission (NSCS Board Policy 3010)
Graduate Assistants (NSCS Board Policy 5016)
Graduation (NSCS Board Policy 4151)
Grants and Contracts (NSCS Board Policy 6704)
Grievance Procedures (NSCS Board Policy 3210)
Guidelines for Reasonable Cause Drug and Alcohol Testing (NSCS Board Policy 5009)
Hazardous Material and Waste Control (NSCS Board Policy 2810)
Health Services (NSCS Board Policy 3510)
High School Dual Enrollment Courses (NSCS Board Policy 4420)
Honorary Degrees (NSCS Board Policy 4510)
Housing (NSCS Board Policy 3500)
Income; Tuition and Fees - Refunds (NSCS Board Policy 6023)
Indemnification and Legal Defense (NSCS Board Policy 6607)
Information Security Program (ISP) (NSCS Board Policy 7003)
Information Technology (IT) Purchasing and Services (NSCS Board Policy 7018)
Institutional and Program Accreditation (NSCS Board Policy 4620)
Institutional Organization (NSCS Board Policy 2500)
Intercampus Hiring Procedures (NSCS Board Policy 5022)
Investments (NSCS Board Policy 6007)
Lease Purchase Agreements (NSCS Board Policy 6402)
Lease-Purchase Financing (NSCS Board Policy 8026)
Leasing or Renting Space (NSCS Board Policy 8027)
Lobbying (NSCS Board Policy 2040)
Lodging (NSCS Board Policy 6104)
Meal Reimbursement (NSCS Board Policy 6103)
Military Leave (NSCS Board Policy 5608)
Mission Statement; Core Values, and Vision Statement (NSCS Board Policy 2510)
Naming of Buildings, Structures and Features (NSCS Board Policy 8020)
Nebraska Access Program (NSCS Board Policy 3401)
Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education (NSCS Board Policy 4800)
Nebraska State College System Organizational Chart (NSCS Board Policy 2550)
Non-Student Use (NSCS Board Policy 9010)
Off-Campus and Out-of-State Course and Program Offerings (NSCS Board Policy 4710)
Other Auxiliary Operations (NSCS Board Policy 9500)
Overtime (NSCS Board Policy 5032)
Personnel Information (NSCS Board Policy 5018)
Political Activities (NSCS Board Policy 5005)
Political Leave (NSCS Board Policy 5610)
Posthumous Degrees (NSCS Board Policy 3601)
Private Use of Facilities (NSCS Board Policy 8025)
Private Use of Office Equipment (NSCS Board Policy 6020)
Private Vehicle Use (NSCS Board Policy 6105)
Professional Consulting Services Related to Capital Construction (NSCS Board Policy 8066)
Professional Development Courses (NSCS Board Policy 4440)
Prompt Payments (NSCS Board Policy 6300)
Public Service (NSCS Board Policy 4350)
Purchasing of Materials and Equipment (NSCS Board Policy 6400)
Real and Personal Property (NSCS Board Policy 8000)
Real Property; Demolition (NSCS Board Policy 8004)
Real Property; Disposal (NSCS Board Policy 8003)
Real Property; Easements (NSCS Board Policy 8007)
Recognized Student Organizations (NSCS Board Policy 3300)
Recommended College Preparatory Program (NSCS Board Policy 4400)
Records of the System (NSCS Board Policy 2070)
Religious Activities (NSCS Board Policy 2820)
Reports to Board of Trustees (NSCS Board Policy 8050)
Required Financial Reports (NSCS Board Policy 6801)
Research (NSCS Board Policy 4320)
Reserve Requirement (NSCS Board Policy 6005)
Residence Hall; Students, Contracts, Room Reservation Processing Fee (NSCS Board Policy 9011)
Residency (NSCS Board Policy 3050)
Retirement (NSCS Board Policy 5404)
Retirement Plan; State College Employees (NSCS Board Policy 5405)
Risk Loss Trust (NSCS Board Policy 6609)
Risk Management, Insurance and Claims (NSCS Board Policy 6608)
Safeguarding Assets (NSCS Board Policy 6016)
Salary Payment (NSCS Board Policy 5030)
Search and Selection Procedures (NSCS Board Policy 5020)
Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination (NSCS Board Policy 3020)
Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination (NSCS Board Policy 5011)
Smoking (NSCS Board Policy 8034)
Sponsorship Agreements (NSCS Board Policy 6405)
State or Fleet Vehicle Use (NSCS Board Policy 6100)
State Treasurer (NSCS Board Policy 6305)
Student Athletic Injury Insurance (NSCS Board Policy 3720)
Student Conduct (NSCS Board Policy 3100)
Student Criminal History (NSCS Board Policy 3001)
Student Fees, Charges and Fines (NSCS Board Policy 6501)
Student Housing Operations (NSCS Board Policy 9400)
Student Journalism (NSCS Board Policy 3350)
Student Payment Plans (NSCS Board Policy 6505)
Student Records (NSCS Board Policy 3650)
Student Rights and Responsibilities (NSCS Board Policy 3250)
Student Trustees (NSCS Board Policy 2100)
Subrogation Rights (NSCS Board Policy 5004)
Surplus Property (NSCS Board Policy 6014)
Terms and Conditions of Employment for Non-Union Faculty (NSCS Board Policy 5102)
Terms and Conditions of Employment for Non-Union Professional Staff (NSCS Board Policy 5103)
Terms and Conditions of Employment for Non-Union Support Staff (NSCS Board Policy 5104)
Transfer of Credits and Degrees (NSCS Board Policy 4430)
Travel Authorization and Claims (NSCS Board Policy 6101)
Tree Removal (NSCS Board Policy 8008)
Trust Funds (NSCS Board Policy 6701)
Tuition Rates (NSCS Board Policy 6500)
Tuition Remission (NSCS Board Policy 3400)
Unclaimed Property (NSCS Board Policy 6307)
Undergraduate Admission (NSCS Board Policy 3000)
Unlawful Harassment (NSCS Board Policy 3021)
Use of System Technology Resources (NSCS Board Policy 5008)
Utility Support of Auxiliary System (NSCS Board Policy 9006)
Vacating Streets (NSCS Board Policy 8006)
Vehicle Parking (NSCS Board Policy 8042)
Volunteers (NSCS Board Policy 5025)
Workforce Flexibility (NSCS Board Policy 5023)
Works of Art Related to Capital Construction (NSCS Board Policy 8067)
Absence Policy (Teaching Internship)
Academic Amnesty Policy
Academic Fresh Start Policy
Academic Good Standing, Probation & Suspension Policy
Academic Honesty Policy
Accompanist Policy
ACES Grade Policy
Admissions Policy (Graduate)
Admissions Policy (Professional Social Work Program)
Alcohol and Drug Policy
Alcohol Policy (Student-Athlete)
Athletic Concussion Policy
Athletic Fundraising Policy
Athletic Medication Management Policy
Athletic Scheduling Policy
Athletics Participation Policy (Student-Athlete)
Audited Course Policy
Changes of Registration and Withdrawal Policy
Class Attendance and/or Participation Policy
Code of Student Conduct Policy
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Policy
Computer Support Policy
Copyright Policy
CSC Sports Information Policy
Data Provisioning to 3rd Parties Policy
Designated Smoking Areas - CSC Campus Policy
Dress Code Policy (Coaches and Athletic Administrative Staff)
Electronic and Recording Devices in Class Policy
Equal Employment and Education Opportunity Policy
Facilities - Conditions of Use / Breakage and Damage Policy
Facilities - Dances on Campus Policy
Facilities - Signage/Decorations Policy
Facilities - Student Clubs/Organizations Policy
Facilities - Use and Reservations Policy
Facilities - Vehicles and Loading / Unloading Policy
Family-Friends-Pets in the Workplace Policy
Field Internship Student Evaluation Policy
Field Study Policy
Financial Aid Refund Policy
Financial Aid Verification Policy
First Year Inquiry Academic Reprieve Policy
Gifts, Bequests and Endowments Policy
Grade Appeals Policy
Immunization Policy
Independent Living Policy
Insurance Coverage Policy (Student-Athlete)
Late Payment Policy
Library Circulation Policy (King Library)
Library Gifts and Donations Policy
Medical Clearance Policy (Student-Athlete)
Military Tuition Assistance Policy
Missing Student Notification Policy
Nelson Physical Activity Center (NPAC) Policy
Online Privacy Policy
Open Flame Policy
Out-of-Town Placements Policy
Payment Policy
Personal Safety in Social Work Policy
Personal Use of Vehicle in Social Work Policy
Policy on Creation and Revision of College Policies
Professional Development Courses For Educators Policy
Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in Social Work Policy
Residence Hall / Apartment Contract Policy
Responsible Network Use Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Graduate - MBA)
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Graduate - MSOM/ME/MAE/MSAT)
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Undergraduate)
Security Camera Policy
Sexual Harassment in Social Work Field Internships Policy
Student-Athlete Conduct for Travel Policy
Teaching Internship Policy
Termination from Social Work Field Instruction Policy
Termination From Social Work Program Policy
Time in Practicum Policy
Tobacco Policy (Student-Athlete)
Transfer of Credit Policy (Graduate)
Transfer of Credit Policy (Undergraduate)
Travel and Expense Policy
Tuition Refund Policy
Use of Humans and Animal Participants in Research Policy
Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 Compliance Policy
Weapons and Explosives Policy
Wireless Access Policy
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